Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mia Quotes

Here are some Mia quotes that just melt her mommas heart ........

Mummy I missed you when I was in China ( this one completely caught me off guard).

Mummy I'm your daughter and you're my mommy, and daddy's my daddy :), and Benjamin and Ethan are my brothers, and my baby sister Lilly is in China.

Mummy I love you SO much.

You're a great mommy.

Mommy I'm your baby girl (she says with a big smile).

Mommy I miss you (she says this every time I come home from work, or even if I just run an errand without her - which isn't very often :) )

These aren't things she says to me occasionally, but she says at least one of these to me everyday. What a blesing this little girl is to me, she has filled my heart and life with such joy.


Sooooo, I guess as I just said her name I had better OFFICIALLY announce that our new daughters name is going to be Lilly. We have not decided on the middle name yet. Lilly means beautiful and pure.


Adoption update : We are still waiting on a referal. In November we recieved a referal, off the China waiting child referal list, but it was accepted by another family, before we could lock in on it. We felt totally at peace about it, as we new that she obviously wasn't supposed to be ours. A new group of referals came last week, but we didn't get matched that time. It is a different process than when we adopted Mia and at times I feel like I am on an emotional rollarcoaster, but I continue to try and keep my eyes on my father and remind myself that his timimg is perfect. We really want to travel to China before next August as Chris may be in school full time then - so we are hoping for a referal soon.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chris in Nicaragua

Chris just got back from another trip to Nicaragua. The object of this trip was two fold. One to bring art work home from the kids so we can have a fund raiser art auction for them in the Spring sponsored by our charity Kids in Crisis.

The second was to build additional rooms on the building to rescue two sisters. The girls mother was a prostitute and so are there older sisters, she asked us to take them so that they wouldn't end up in the same life style. There plight has been something that has been very much on Chris's heart - his daddy side kicked in big time, he was going to do what ever it took to help those girls. We raised money to help with the construction, so it was huge for him to be able to go there and physically build there rooms, and then meet them, hug them and tell them their daddy God loved them so much he sent someone far away to help them.

The kids painting

Building the rooms

Some of the kids that live there

Precious sisters

Monday, October 5, 2009

YAH !!!

Today my British back ground check for the adoption arrived !!!!!!!!

Everything is now completely done for the homestudy - we just need the social work director to sign off on it.

Next step - apply for our immigration approval our I-800A.

One more step closer :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

and it continues.......

After witnessing a miracle Thursday, Chris left Friday morning at 7:45am, to fly to Miami and then Nicaragua. He had an 1 1/2 hr layover in Miami. At 10:30 I got a call from Chris - he was not in Miami, he was sitting on the runway in ORLANDO!!!

Oh my this didn't sound good - apparently a lady on the plane had a heart attack so they had to land at the closest airport. There was NO way he was going to make his connection - unbelievable. Just when you think it is smooth sailing - WHAM - your hit again.

He fineally got to Miami, but they couldn't get him on another flight until 7:00pm, urrrr, the worst part though was that we couldn't get hold of anyone in Nicaraga so no one new what was going on. He fineally arrived at 8pm, I spoke with him, and there was no one there so he checked himself into a hotel, and fineally was able to talk to the team who were now in Somoto - 4 hrs away. This morning he caught an early bus, and got up there by 10:30am - speaking no spanish I'm sure that was an adventure. He is doing great, and not discouraged by all the craziness.

So why did things go so crazy after we saw such a miracle - I don't know, all I know is His ways are better than mine.

Now that brings me to today. I got up this morning to find our cat, Madison had died. He has been with us for 14 years, we got him a month after we were married, our first baby.

Urrrrr, what was I going to do with a dead cat - I know - call the neighbor. Allen, our very kind neighbor came over, removed Madison and dug a big hole in our yard to bury him in - what a blessing, I guess if I had to I could have done it, but I REALLY didn't want to. It's sad to know he is gone, but he was old, and we thought it was getting close.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where is my brain????

Man - WHAT A DAY !!!!!

Today Chris was scheduled to leave for Nicaragua on a missions trip. The tickets were from Washington, which is 2 hrs from us, as the price was so much cheaper. I had made all the travel arrangements for him. The flight was at 2:05 pm, so we had planned to leave the house at 10:30am. Of coarse we were running late, it was a crazy morning getting the kids to school. We have Chris's parents dog staying with us, a golden retriever, well he loves shoes - especially taking them outside and hiding them, so this morning we could not find Benjamin's shoe anywhere - and I know it was there last night - so we actually had to run to Target and buy him a pair of shoes - fortunately they were old, and he needed new ones. Needless to say we were stressing a little on the way to the airport, especially when we hit traffic outside of DC.

Fineally we arrived, just in time 1 hr and 10 min before the flight - except we were at the WRONG airport. OH MY - I had thought it was Dulles airprot when actually it was National airport - they are both in DC.

We jumped back in the car and made a dash for National, knowing that there was no way we would make it - we got there at 2:05pm just as the plane was leaving, Urrrr, you can imagine how awful I felt. We spoke with continental and they said for $150 we could switch the ticket for tomorrow, but that would mean he would loose a whole day as it doesn't arrive until 8pm, and they were on a pretty tight schedule in Nicaragua.

We then spoke to several other airlines to see if we could purchase another ticket, but no one had flights. The last person we spoke to was American Airlines, we explained what had happened and that he was going on a missions trip. The earliest flight he had was 7:30am, but would get there at 11:00am - much better, and even better we could leave from our airport instead of DC.

Then came the question - HOW MUCH? lets see, a ticket, one way, the day before from our small airport I was thinking at least $600 - money we did not have or want to spend - $600 could go a long way in Nicaragua - so we held our breath and prayed - he asked for our continental ticket, and then stated typing for what seemed like forever - and then he went over to the printer and handed us a brand new ticket, and said he was able to transfer it, and there was no fee - WHAT - nathing, nada, even continental was going to charge us to change the ticket, and this was a completely different airline.

Thank you God - I have no other explanation than that God is alive yesturday, today and forevever - and I know we witnessed a miracle.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ethan's 9th Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Ethan's 9th Birthday. I can not believe my baby boy is nine.

Ethan's birth was fairly easy, six hours of labor and 2 pushes - I will never foget the first moment that I held him and looked into his beautiful eyes. He is my cuddler, my love bug, he is my little performer, and jokester. He is adventurous, never stops talking, and has an imagination that makes us all laugh. He is kind, and a friend to all, his heart is tender, and His love for God evident. I am proud to be his mother.

Not long after Ethan was born I started to bleed, and didn't stop, even though the doctors worked hard to try and stop it. It came to the point where it was a life and death situation, and I ended up having an emergency partial hysterectomy. Wow was that a day I will never forget - the extreme emotions from the unspeakable joy of seeing your son for the first time to the thought of not being around to see him grow up. Although this was a hard and serious situation, God's presence and hand was very evident, from the nurses and doctors I as surrounded with to the peace He gave me, and simply to the fact that I am hear typimg this today.

Ultimately the fruit of the loss we felt that day has been the journey it lead us on to adopt Mia and now our second daughter waiting for us somewhere in China. It is hard to always see God in the midst of tragedy, but so often when you look back at times of adversity, you can see His hand holding you in so many ways.

So this weekend was all about FAMILY.

Today we went to Williamsburg and just hung out together .......

I think I need one of these at my house :)

Yesturday Ethan had his birthday party at Lunar Golf, and then had a couple of friends sleep over.


Monday, September 14, 2009


So here are a few updates on the Yeatts Family ...........

Adoption : waiting on approval from England, and West Virgina, but we are meeting our social worker on Thursday for our 4th and last visit - and to sign off on the home study, although it won't be officially completed until we get that approval.

Benjamin and Ethan - went back to school last week - so far so good, they both like their teachers so this is a good start.

Mia - 1st day of preschool tomorrow

Chris - started back at graduate school, and is thinking about going to Nicaragua again at the beginning of October.

Rachel - I had my birthday on Sunday - it was a lovely weekend with family and friends. Chris and I had a date night Saturday, then brunch with family Sunday, and dinner with great friends that night. Now if I could just eliminate the fact that I am one year older life would be perfect.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Just a quick update ........

The last week has been hard - We found out last Thursday that our son Ethan's best friend from schools mom died very tragically. She was a lovely women who adored her children and someone I was really just getting to know.

It has been difficult, but we have been able to spend some time with her children, and hope to continue to in the future. We went to a celebration of her life gathering yesterday and was able to meet her extended family and her ex husband who will now have the children. This was important as we want Ethan to be able to continue to see his friend as they will no longer go to the same school.

I defiantly have some regrets, wished I had said more and spent more time with her - life can change in an instant. Our prayer now is that we can be used in any way possible to help her children. I am so proud of my kids at how they have so naturally reached out, with out even knowing it they have eased some of their pain.

Now a quick adoption update : the back ground check saga continues - I now need to get a check for England because I lived there briefly when I was 18- urrrrrr. It can take up to 40 days, and I am still confused as to how to apply. I am mostly frustrated because I could have been working on this 2 months ago - I am mad at myself for missing this. We eventually will get our home study done - I just want it done NOW !!!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paper Work !!!

Well let me start by saying our home visits went fantastically !!!

Our social worker is a lovely lady, with an amazing heart for adoption. Our house was sparkling - well at least for 5 minutes, we even went out to eat the night before, so we didn't mess up the kitchen - well that was my excuse any way.

Now that is done, our social worker needs to type it up and send us a copy to approve. We were still waiting on one document - a letter from our doctor - this has been a very frustrating experience. Finally today the letter was done - and CORRECT (this time).

Yeah, our social worker emailed us to say that the home study was almost all written up - wow so exciting - but wait - she wanted to know if I had, had CPS clearance in NY, urrr what !!!

This was my fault - when I turned 18 I lived in NY for a year, so according to the new Hague regulations I have to have a CPS check in any state I have lived since I was 18. This is different from our first adoption, so I completely missed it.

I have to say I felt seriously bummed out for a moment - WHY, we were so close - and who knows how long that will take. But I pulled myself up, reminded myself that it is all in Gods hands and His timing - and ran out to get the application notarized and mailed off.

The adoption process is defiantly a roller coaster ride - full of highs and lows - but ultimately it ends on the most amazing high, and it is this that I have to keep my focus on. I know there will be more disappointments along the journey - but if my trust remains in my God, and focus on the prize (my sweet girl in my arms) I can handle any of it.

My disappointment today just made me think, how much I am already in love with this child that I don't even know yet - I long to have her here in my arms, in the room with her sister, at the dinner table with her brothers, and sitting on the lap of her daddy - where she belongs in her family.

As you may have noticed we have not referred to her by a name - that is because we don't no what it is yet. Mia's name came so easily - but when we know we will pass it on. I hope soon, as I long to call her by name, and pray for her by name.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Adoption update

So we just got back from a weeks vacation at the beach. We had a great time, crazy with all the kids, but fun crazy, pictures to come.

While we were away our social worker called to say she wanted to do our home visits this week, so she is coming Wednesday to meet with us and look over the house, and then she will come back Thursday to do our individual interviews. She has to interview Chris and I and Benjamin because he is over 10 years old. This is very exciting, because it means our home study is almost complete - whew - it feels like it has taken forever. We are still waiting on a letter from our doctor - it is so frustrating having to wait on other people - I have left him multiple messages and yet still nathing.

So tomorrow will be a day of cleaning up the house. Then in the evening I get to see my best friend from England who just arrived yesturday - her sister lives here - I can't wait she has never met Mia.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun at Virginia Beach

Ethan was so upset he couldn't swim

Mia going to Ballet Camp

Ethan got his waterproof cast today - thank you God. We leave for a week at the beach on Saturday.

The day after he broke his arm

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So far so good

Well, just a quick update. Abi moved last Tuesday, we couldn't go down and help because of Ethan's arm, but everything went smoothly. I have remarkably been OK, life has been pretty busy so I haven't had to much time to notice her absence. We went down to visit them Saturday, and had a fun time swimming at their new house and walking around by the beach - some of the advantages of having relatives living near the beach (got to look on the positive side), pictures to come.

I am very thankful that they only moved two hours away, and not more, now both my sisters, live within 1-2 hours, and we live in the middle - again looking on the bright side. I know I am fortunate to have my family that close, so many others aren't so fortunate. I know in September when the kids are back in school, the reality will really set in - especially for Abi, she is the one that has moved to where she knows no one. I am praying hard that she will make friends quickly and start to feel at home, and connected.

We leave for the beach on Saturday for a weeks vacation with everyone - I can't wait.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a Weekend !!

I have taken to this whole blogging thing, pretty slowly - I guess you could call me a tortoise!!

Most of my entries consist of a few sentences about what is gong on with our family, maybe an update on the adoption, and than a bunch of pictures. I read and follow a lot of blogs, and stand in awe at the depth of a lot of the entries.

So here is my attept to reveal a little more of me - take note these are just baby steps.

This weekend has been full of emotion. Let me set the background for you .......

I am the oldest of 3 girls. Emma, is 17 mo younger and Abi is 9 years younger.

Growing up Abi was always the baby, and the age gap was defienetly noticeable, now that we are all married and moms we are all very close and the age makes no differences. Emma has always lived an hour or two away, and I am used to that, but Abi has spent the last 5 years living five minutes from me. She has had two babies during this time and we have become very close, she is not only my sister, but one of my best friends. It has been amazing to have someone you can rely on for anything, who tells you just like it is (no suger coating) and loves you just the same, and who needs and relies on you just as much (it feels good to be needed). Well, last year, Abi's husband Steve lost his job, we prayed for God to give him a new one. God provided for them during his few months of unemployment in miraculous ways - there was never any lack, and then it came, a great job, great pay, but ohhhh, it was in another town 2 hours away. My instant thought was - this can not be God, this just isn't going to work for ME!! How often do we say God we trust you, God have you way, and then He does, and, oh no, it doesn't fit our plan, so we start second guessing it - disbelieving that, THAT could be God. Well of coarse the more we prayed with them about the job the more clear it became that it was His will (personally I had to go through a good rebuking - but we don't need to get into that). So the clock started ticking, Steve started commuting, thier second baby was born, a renter was found for there house, they fineally bought a new house, boxes were packed, prayers and blessings said, and many, many tears shed and here we are getting ready fo them to leave on Tuesday......

Saturday night we through a big farewell party for them, the day was a little tough, my emotions were a little close to the surface, but the party was a huge success. We had a moon bounce in the yard for all the kids they bounced for hours.

I know we will still see them, they are only 2 hours away, it's just the litle things I will miss, but I am resting in God's peace knowing this is his plan, and in that I can be confident in the future - it is a time for stretching - which can be painful, but necessary, if I want to purge more of me and become more like Him.

So that was Saturday, now for Sunday - hubby was sharing at church today and needed to have a little prep time in the morning. Well I had woken up at 5am when Mia fell out of bed, and then tossed and turned until 7:30 thinking about everything. Once I fell asleep I then overslept until 9:20 (we had to leave at 10:00), hubby was distracted in his office and had no idea it was so late. So the morning was a mad rush, I was tied and it was Abi's last Sunday, you could say "it was one of THOSE mornings" - but throught the grace of God we had a lovely time of worship - God ministered to my heart and the tears flowed, hubby shared great, we ate a meal together, by then I was exhausted and ready to go home and relax. When we got home the moon bounce was still there so the kids invited the neighbors over, we set it back up and they bounced some more. It was a beautiful day, not to hot, so I sat out their to supervise, and relaxed with the paper, and cup of tea, and enjoyed the afternoon, with my kids, I even did a little bouncing mysef :).

At 5:00pm my friend Cathie came over, so they kids decided to go back in the moon bounce, with her son, we sat and chatted and the next thing we heard was Ethan scream as he fell off the side and onto the grass, we rushed to him and could tell instantly his arm was broken near the wrist - Oh my- my poor baby. He is my adventurous one, always pushing the limits, he couldn't just bounce inside - no, not Ethan. We rushed him to the ER, and spent the next 6 hours there. He ended up needing to go to the OR to have it set. It was broken all the was through, but thankfully it didn't come through the skin (Adeye, I know you know how that is). They tried to reduce it is the ER, they gave him medicine in his IV - it made him so loopy - he thought he was seeing coconuts floating in the air. He was so brave through the whole thing, it took everything I had not to break down and cry, my heart was breaking for him. I am a pediatric nurse and see kids in pain all the time, and although I empathize with them, it is so different when it is your baby, you want to take that pain on for them so much (remind you of someone - the differences is He actually did). He will hopefully be able to get a cast placed in 2 weeks, a water proof one, right before we go to the beach on vacation. He was supposed to go to camp in a week, but he won't be able to go, he loves the pool, so I know that is going to be hard, I am just praying he can get that cast in time for vacation.

This weekend has defienetly been full of highs and lows, but through it all God has revealed so much of himself to us, sometimes we just need to sit back, and reflect - we might be shocked at how much we see God working in and through our lives, often it is in the little things of life that we take so much for granted - a hug from a friend, an encouraging word, people there when you need them so you can run to the ER, that it was just a broken arm - look around you God is everywhere.

Well I think that is enough - wow that was long - I don't think there are many of you out there reading this, but it was very therapuetic for me to blog - WOW what a novel idea :)!!!