Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bringing Cole Home Update and ipad Fundraiser Giveaway Details

Sorry it has been a while since I posted, but life has been a little busy around here, more to come on that later.  My reason for posting today is to update on our journey to bring Cole home from China.

Things are moving fast. Our article 5 was issued in China yesterday, which was the last piece of documentation we needed before we can receive travel approval (TA).  It normally takes two weeks to get TA, although we have been told it could take a little longer as they are redoing the computer system in China.   Once we have TA, we plan our trip and schedule our US consulate appointment in China.  We are hoping to travel around July 22nd.


We can not wait to go to China and meet Cole.  We sent him a care package, with a photo album of pictures of us, a toy, a letter from us and a cake to share with his friends.

There is mass preparation going on in our house - I am seriously nesting.  Sorting, room rearranging, painting!!

We have been so blessed by the generosity of many of you in giving financially and supporting our fundraisers towards helping us bring Cole home.  We still need approximately $8000 to be fully funded.  It is hard to know the exact amount as we don't know how much tickets will cost yet.

We have set up a GO FUND  ME page if anyone would like to help towards the last part of our journey.  No amount is too small.  If 800 people gave $10 we would be funded, if 80 people gave $100 we would be funded.  We appreciate more than words can say the love an support of our family and friends, and even strangers.

We are having a giveaway for an ipad mini. 

For every $10 you donate you earn a chance to win in the drawing.  The more you donate the more chances you earn.

We are going to make it a little more fun by creating a puzzle to hang in Coles room.

So each $10 you donate will also earn you a puzzle piece that will go towards a 500 piece puzzle.  We will right your name on the back of the puzzle pieces, and once it is complete, it will be framed in 2 sided glass, and hung in his room.  We chose a puzzle showing panda's, as they are native to China.

To donate, enter giveaway and build the puzzle, click HERE