Monday, August 31, 2009


Just a quick update ........

The last week has been hard - We found out last Thursday that our son Ethan's best friend from schools mom died very tragically. She was a lovely women who adored her children and someone I was really just getting to know.

It has been difficult, but we have been able to spend some time with her children, and hope to continue to in the future. We went to a celebration of her life gathering yesterday and was able to meet her extended family and her ex husband who will now have the children. This was important as we want Ethan to be able to continue to see his friend as they will no longer go to the same school.

I defiantly have some regrets, wished I had said more and spent more time with her - life can change in an instant. Our prayer now is that we can be used in any way possible to help her children. I am so proud of my kids at how they have so naturally reached out, with out even knowing it they have eased some of their pain.

Now a quick adoption update : the back ground check saga continues - I now need to get a check for England because I lived there briefly when I was 18- urrrrrr. It can take up to 40 days, and I am still confused as to how to apply. I am mostly frustrated because I could have been working on this 2 months ago - I am mad at myself for missing this. We eventually will get our home study done - I just want it done NOW !!!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paper Work !!!

Well let me start by saying our home visits went fantastically !!!

Our social worker is a lovely lady, with an amazing heart for adoption. Our house was sparkling - well at least for 5 minutes, we even went out to eat the night before, so we didn't mess up the kitchen - well that was my excuse any way.

Now that is done, our social worker needs to type it up and send us a copy to approve. We were still waiting on one document - a letter from our doctor - this has been a very frustrating experience. Finally today the letter was done - and CORRECT (this time).

Yeah, our social worker emailed us to say that the home study was almost all written up - wow so exciting - but wait - she wanted to know if I had, had CPS clearance in NY, urrr what !!!

This was my fault - when I turned 18 I lived in NY for a year, so according to the new Hague regulations I have to have a CPS check in any state I have lived since I was 18. This is different from our first adoption, so I completely missed it.

I have to say I felt seriously bummed out for a moment - WHY, we were so close - and who knows how long that will take. But I pulled myself up, reminded myself that it is all in Gods hands and His timing - and ran out to get the application notarized and mailed off.

The adoption process is defiantly a roller coaster ride - full of highs and lows - but ultimately it ends on the most amazing high, and it is this that I have to keep my focus on. I know there will be more disappointments along the journey - but if my trust remains in my God, and focus on the prize (my sweet girl in my arms) I can handle any of it.

My disappointment today just made me think, how much I am already in love with this child that I don't even know yet - I long to have her here in my arms, in the room with her sister, at the dinner table with her brothers, and sitting on the lap of her daddy - where she belongs in her family.

As you may have noticed we have not referred to her by a name - that is because we don't no what it is yet. Mia's name came so easily - but when we know we will pass it on. I hope soon, as I long to call her by name, and pray for her by name.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Adoption update

So we just got back from a weeks vacation at the beach. We had a great time, crazy with all the kids, but fun crazy, pictures to come.

While we were away our social worker called to say she wanted to do our home visits this week, so she is coming Wednesday to meet with us and look over the house, and then she will come back Thursday to do our individual interviews. She has to interview Chris and I and Benjamin because he is over 10 years old. This is very exciting, because it means our home study is almost complete - whew - it feels like it has taken forever. We are still waiting on a letter from our doctor - it is so frustrating having to wait on other people - I have left him multiple messages and yet still nathing.

So tomorrow will be a day of cleaning up the house. Then in the evening I get to see my best friend from England who just arrived yesturday - her sister lives here - I can't wait she has never met Mia.