Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Day at Home

How do I always end up with so much laundry to fold? Today was worse than normal, it has been piling up for a while. We can always manage to get our clothes washed and dryed - although that probably happens out of necessity - but put away ummm, not so good at that. As I work, my wonderful husband is great at keeping the clothes moving through the washer, but that's where it stops. Occasionally he has attempted to put them away - but when he does, I am searching for items for weeks - I guess I shouldn't have complained :) So today I piled all the clothes on our bed - this was a psychological move - if I want to go to bed tonight I had better get them put away. Does this mean, I'm a not a perfect wife and mother - Yes, but I'm willing to except my imperfections - at least in this area.

Then it was time to give Tazzie a bath - he does not like it, but Mia thought it was great.

Lets build a fort with the cushions

These are the days I love the most - living life with my family, even folding the clothes - especially when you have a precious little one eagerly waiting to help you.