Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mia Quotes

Here are some Mia quotes that just melt her mommas heart ........

Mummy I missed you when I was in China ( this one completely caught me off guard).

Mummy I'm your daughter and you're my mommy, and daddy's my daddy :), and Benjamin and Ethan are my brothers, and my baby sister Lilly is in China.

Mummy I love you SO much.

You're a great mommy.

Mommy I'm your baby girl (she says with a big smile).

Mommy I miss you (she says this every time I come home from work, or even if I just run an errand without her - which isn't very often :) )

These aren't things she says to me occasionally, but she says at least one of these to me everyday. What a blesing this little girl is to me, she has filled my heart and life with such joy.


Sooooo, I guess as I just said her name I had better OFFICIALLY announce that our new daughters name is going to be Lilly. We have not decided on the middle name yet. Lilly means beautiful and pure.


Adoption update : We are still waiting on a referal. In November we recieved a referal, off the China waiting child referal list, but it was accepted by another family, before we could lock in on it. We felt totally at peace about it, as we new that she obviously wasn't supposed to be ours. A new group of referals came last week, but we didn't get matched that time. It is a different process than when we adopted Mia and at times I feel like I am on an emotional rollarcoaster, but I continue to try and keep my eyes on my father and remind myself that his timimg is perfect. We really want to travel to China before next August as Chris may be in school full time then - so we are hoping for a referal soon.