Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lily's Journey to a Stronger Heart - 10

I know it has been a while since I updated on Lily, but life has been crazy busy recently.

We are getting ready to take Lily to Children's Hospital in Philadelphia on Thursday. The appointment is at 7:45am so we will be driving up tomorrow. It is four hours away from us. They will do an echo, and EKG, and then we will meet with the cardiologist. The main purpose of this visit is to meet and talk with the cardiologist, so that he can examine Lily and she can become his patient. We are excited to move on to the next chapter in Lily's journey and feel very strongly that this is the place she needs to be. With the vast amount of experience and expertise they have at CHOP we feel that we will be able to confidently make decisions on advice that we know we can trust.

Lily is doing amazing, she is continuing to grow and develop. She can now get herself from the ground to sitting and sitting to the ground. She is all over the place and in to everything. Drinking from a straw and eating food. We are continually thankful for every little milestone we see her hit. It is amazing how your perspective on things change when you have a child with special needs. Things that seem so basic, are now such victories. The little things are big. She continues to bring so much joy to our family, her personality continues to come out, she is very goofy, determined, and happy.

Look at her standing with daddy

Beautiful girls

Daddy's girl