Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ethan's 9th Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Ethan's 9th Birthday. I can not believe my baby boy is nine.

Ethan's birth was fairly easy, six hours of labor and 2 pushes - I will never foget the first moment that I held him and looked into his beautiful eyes. He is my cuddler, my love bug, he is my little performer, and jokester. He is adventurous, never stops talking, and has an imagination that makes us all laugh. He is kind, and a friend to all, his heart is tender, and His love for God evident. I am proud to be his mother.

Not long after Ethan was born I started to bleed, and didn't stop, even though the doctors worked hard to try and stop it. It came to the point where it was a life and death situation, and I ended up having an emergency partial hysterectomy. Wow was that a day I will never forget - the extreme emotions from the unspeakable joy of seeing your son for the first time to the thought of not being around to see him grow up. Although this was a hard and serious situation, God's presence and hand was very evident, from the nurses and doctors I as surrounded with to the peace He gave me, and simply to the fact that I am hear typimg this today.

Ultimately the fruit of the loss we felt that day has been the journey it lead us on to adopt Mia and now our second daughter waiting for us somewhere in China. It is hard to always see God in the midst of tragedy, but so often when you look back at times of adversity, you can see His hand holding you in so many ways.

So this weekend was all about FAMILY.

Today we went to Williamsburg and just hung out together .......

I think I need one of these at my house :)

Yesturday Ethan had his birthday party at Lunar Golf, and then had a couple of friends sleep over.


Monday, September 14, 2009


So here are a few updates on the Yeatts Family ...........

Adoption : waiting on approval from England, and West Virgina, but we are meeting our social worker on Thursday for our 4th and last visit - and to sign off on the home study, although it won't be officially completed until we get that approval.

Benjamin and Ethan - went back to school last week - so far so good, they both like their teachers so this is a good start.

Mia - 1st day of preschool tomorrow

Chris - started back at graduate school, and is thinking about going to Nicaragua again at the beginning of October.

Rachel - I had my birthday on Sunday - it was a lovely weekend with family and friends. Chris and I had a date night Saturday, then brunch with family Sunday, and dinner with great friends that night. Now if I could just eliminate the fact that I am one year older life would be perfect.