Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cole is a Yeatts

We finally have our internet issues resolved and are able to access our blog and post pictures.  There is a lot to catch up on, but this post is dedicated to
Our Son Cole

(first glimpse)

Just typing that makes me so happy.

Cole is shy by nature, so when he first came out, he clung to his nanny, and wouldn't look at us. We gave him the car we had bought that made sounds - big hit #1

After a few minutes of playing on the floor, he let me sit him on my lap

and gradually he started to feel more comfortable

Mia was a great distraction, she was right in there playing with him, and interacting with him, it REALLY helped him relax.

Next it was daddy's turn

Cole's Nanny said that he had been showing his friends the photo album we had sent him, and was telling them we were his mama and papa.  She said that he recognized us right away from the pictures!

Starting to see that adorable smile

Hit #2 - bubbles

There it is

Official picture with the Social Welfare Institute (orphanage) representative

and if all else fails there is always the iPhone :)!!!

Leaving - he grabbed Mia's hand (oh my heart)

and then he turned around and grabbed Chris's (tears)

Next we went shopping, he needed sandals as the ones he was wearing were about 2 sizes too big.  He thought the grocery store was fantastic, but he had obviously never been on an escalator before, although he insisted on doing it himself.  We are finding that he is quite independent.

It was then back to the hotel.  He played with Mia, jumping on the beds, laughing and smiling, although every time I walked in the room, he would stop and look sad.  I think it may be because I am female and his caregivers were too. They would have not allowed bed jumping, and he probably though I was going to tell him off.  So I got on the bed and jumped with him - problem solved :)!!

He slept great. He was exhausted as he had driven 6 hours in the car that day.

Breakfast the next morning and guess what they are both eating - noodles!!


Today,  Tuesday July 30th, we went back to the civil affairs office to sign the adoption papers, have an interview and finalize the adoption.  We were asked if we still wanted to adopt Cole?  Our answer a very loud


He was nervous as soon as we arrived there and clung to us.  I think he was afraid we were going to leave him there, it was at that moment that I fell completely in love with him.  Everything in me wanted to run out of the building with him, I also wanted to be able to tell him that he was ours FOREVER, but instead we just hugged him tightly.

With an official hand print

and a few statements of declaration

Cole officially became our son

He LOVES his papa (couldn't resist)

Now for some traditional Chinese food for lunch to celebrate (oh and soda)

He knows how to work a bowl of noodles

and so does someone else


Back to the hotel for some pool fun.  We don't know if he has ever been in a pool before, but by his initial apprehension, I doubt it


but once again it didn't take long for him to adjust


 We are finding it surprisingly easy to understand Cole's needs and communicate with out using words.  Although some instructions I give him in English, he understands??
He apparently understands Mandarin, but only speaks another dialect, that our guide doesn't even understand. 

He has the sweetest personality, and is very considerate of others.  He is also funny, and I think may be a little mischievous.  We are enjoying watching his personality come out, as he feels more and more comfortable with us.

It is amazing how he already seems so bonded to us, it feels like we have known each other much longer.  He and Mia are inseparable, and we can't wait for him to meet the boys and Lily.  I think Cole and Ethan, may get into some trouble :)!!

Thank you for all your comments, prayers, love and support, it means so much to both of us.







Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lily's Gotcha Day

Happy Gotcha Day Lily
3 years ago today we met Lily.  You all know her story and our journey. 
(video of Liy's first moments with us)
As I sit in Chicago airport typing this, while waiting for a flight to Hong Kong to adopt Cole, it is hard to believe that we were in this same airport 3 years ago almost to the day.  Their gotcha days will be 4 days apart :)!!
(Lily in China day 1)
She has come so far, and she is about to face a HUGE milestone in her life with her open heart surgery on August 22nd.

(one year home)
We have grown and changed as a family because of Lily.  She has taught us so much, and she is loved deeply by all of us.
(lily home 2 years)
We can not wait to see all that the future holds for our precious girl

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Leaving for China

Tomorrow we leave for China
It is hard to believe this day is finally here

Chris , Mia and I are going.  Benjamin, Ethan and Lily are staying with my parents - who we can not thank enough. Mia is SO excited to go back to China, and we think she will be a great help, in helping Cole adjust to us all.
We will spend 2 days in Hong Kong, then take a train to Coles province.  We will officially meet Cole some time on Monday and the adoption will be complete on Tuesday.  We will be in China 2 weeks.

We will update our blog as much as possible.  China is 12 hours ahead of the US.  We will also update on facebook.
Thank you so much for all your love and support, it means so much to us.  We were overwhelmed by the financial support, it brings tears to our eyes.
We will be announcing the winner of the iPad mini soon.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lily Update

I apologize for taking so long to update on Lily - life is moving fast in the Yeatts family these days as we prepare for traveling to China for Cole and
We have a date
AUGUST 22nd 2013
It has been decided that due to the fact that Lily's lungs are looking so much better, and her pulmonary hypertension has decreased so much, they are going to do one BIG surgery, the Fontan and skip the Glenn.  This is great news as it means only one open heart surgery for Lily, but it also means the surgery will be more involved and recovery will be longer.
We have to be in Philadelphia at CHOP on 8/21 for her preop visit.  We are not sure how long we will be there, but are preparing for a month.  It could be shorter or longer, it all depends on how she does.
This was not our original plan.  We had wanted her to have surgery, in May or June, before traveling to China to bring Cole home, but that didn't happen.  It will be hard to return from China with Cole and have to leave so soon to take Lily.  This is why we need to travel to China as SOON as possible.  WE are hoping to leave sometime around the 20th of July, which would give us 2 weeks home before we have to be at CHOP.
Please pray that we can go to China soon - we still need our TA (travel approval)
We are so grateful to God that Lily is able to get surgery, this is something that we were told may NEVER happen.  She is such a joy to us, and has come so far.  It is scary putting our precious girls life into the hands of the surgeon, but we know that the great physician (our Heavenly Father)will be right there with her. Her diagnosis of Tricuspid Atresia, ASD, VSD, and half a heart, meant she is palliative, she can't be fixed - with this surgery she will be able to live well into adulthood, with out maybe only 5 more years (or less).  The surgery is risky, but we know God has opened a door we were told was closed to Lily, so we are walking through it trusting Him.

This is an emotional time, with the surgery and bringing Cole home, please continue to pray for us.  We need to get Cole home now.