Sunday, March 18, 2012

Five Years Ago Tonight I Couldn't Sleep


because our lives were about to change forever

laying in a bed in a hotel in China

watching the minutes go by on the clock

we were overwhelmed with feelings of excitement, nervousness, joy

hours from then we were going to meet our daughter for the first time

the only image we had seen of her was taken when she was a couple of months old

now she was 11 months

so many questions going through our heads....

will she cry when they hand her to us?

will she bond to us?

how long will it take for her to get used to us?

what would our new family look like, how was it all going to work?

how would we feel once her lip was repaired? We loved her cleft, it was such a part of her and her personality, we honestly couldn't imagine her with out it

Mia one week home from China on her first birthday

would the repair go well?

how long would it take to heal?

As the days, weeks, and months went by, life very quickly became normal, yes it was now a new normal, a slightly more crazier normal, but she just fitted right on in. 

She has loved life from day one, she is stubborn, determined, sweet, loving and caring.  She learnt to fight for survival early in life, and those have produced characteristics of determination now.

She tells us frequently how much she loves us, and how happy she is that we are her mommy and daddy, and her family - oh my heart.  We are very open with talking to her about her tummy mommy (birth mom) and our journey to her. She is soon to be six and there are more questions now, how we wish we had more answers.  We have prayed hard that she will always know how much she is loved and never feel any sense of rejection.  We know that as she gets older she will have more specific questions, and we will be right there to help her through that journey.

this girl LOVES her noodles

Six years ago, you changed our lives forever, you became our daughter, you showed us the miracle of adoption, and just like when your brothers were born you showed us a depth of love we had never understood before, you changed the path of our lives forever.

We love you so much Mia, Happy Forever Family Day, we can not imagine for a moment our lives without you, we are so proud and blessed to be your mommy and daddy.