Thursday, March 21, 2013

We are DTC and LID for Cole!!

To put it plainly DTC means our dossier (all the paperwork we have been working on for Coles adoption since May 2012) was sent to China in February!!

The LID is the date that paperwork was official logged in to China's center for adoptions.

Our LID was March 3rd!!

Now we wait for China to give us our official RA - referral acceptance, this can take 2-4 months.
Once we have that we are finally able to post pictures of our precious son - we can not wait to show
 you how adorable he is.  It also means we can send him care packages, including pictures of us, so that he can start to learn and identify his family.
My heart aches to get on a plane, and bring our son home - but for right now we just have to wait!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Leaving for Philadelphia and Lily's heart cath

Tomorrow morning we are getting up early to drive to Philadelphia.  Lily will finally be getting another heart catherization on Tuesday.

It has been 14 months since her last one.

                                                   (pre-hospital dinner -  mac and cheese her fav.)

 We are excited to find out what is going on with her lungs - if her pulmonary hypertension has decreased?

Will she finally be able to get heart surgery?

We are also nervous, she is doing so well, she is happy, growing, developing.  We know she needs surgery, it is what we are praying for, but the though of her going through it is hard!!

We appreciate all your prayers and support, it's a big week for our crazy, wild, princess :)!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


We are currently running an online adoption fundraiser to bring Cole home from China you can shop NOW through MARCH 31st

Ordering towards my party is so easy.  Simply go to this website:


click on “Place an Order” at the top

find my - Rachel Yeatts

Click “shop now”
All proceeds from sales are generously being donated by Tracy Scoggins, an amazing lady with a big heart for orphans.
Have fun shopping, you'll find some great things for this Spring and Summer
Thank you for your support we appreciate it so much