Saturday, January 19, 2013


Due to the hospital having no beds in the cardiac ICU we have had to cancel Lily's cath for next week.  They require her to spend one night in the ICU for monitoring after the cath.  We could take a chance and drive up there, but as they feel it will more than likely be cancelled, and we live 4 1/2 hrs away, we decided it was better to reschedule.

The plan is to reschedule for March

If they results are good, we are hoping for surgery in May.

At first I was disappointed, not that I want her to go through this, I know how terrified of the hospital she is, but it is hard not knowing what is going on inside of her.  She is doing so well outwardly, but we have no real idea as to what her pulmonary hypertension is doing!!

By postponing the cath we aren't changing plans for surgery, we were always shooting for May/June. 

We will now just have to wait longer to find out if she is a candidate for surgery or not

Our journey with Lily is continually teaching us to trust more and more on our heavenly Father, we are not in control - I have to tell myself that over and over again.  Oh how I like to be in control (yes I am a bit of a control freak)!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lily's heart update - and turning 5

Lily will be heading to Children's Hospital in Philadelphia next
Tuesday for her
  Cardiac Catherization and Cardiac MRI
which are scheduled for
January 23rd
Since her surgery was cancelled last spring, we have added one additional medication to treat her pulmonary hypertension.  She has been doing amazingly well.  Growing, developing, and bringing much joy to our family.  The purpose of this cath is to determine if her hypertension has further decreased to a level that the surgeons feel comfortable moving forward with her first cardiac surgery the Glenn.
Please pray for Lily next week as she hates going to the hospital, also for safety during the procedure, and for the results.
We will up there for 3 days, and will update on facebook.
On January 5th Lily turned 5

It is hard to believe - she has changed so much in 2 1/2 years. She is keeping us on our toes, into everything. Her favorite occupation, turning on taps and flooding the bathroom!! This in itself is amazing, considering she spent the first year with us terrified of water!!
We love you beautiful girl
Happy Birthday

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WE HAVE OUR PA!! and Adoption news

We have received our PA or pre-approval  from China to adopt Cole.  For anyone who understands the process of adopting from China you know the significance of the A's, there is

LOA - letter of acceptance - this is what we sent to China to say we wanted to adopt Cole

PA - pre-approval - China sends us

RA - referral acceptance - once China reviews all our paper work they send us this, and we can finally post his picture on here.

TA - travel approval - China telling us it is time to go get our boy.

So how much longer for all of the A's???

There is no exact time frame, but we are estimating 6 months from now - some days my heart can't bear it, other days I know we need this time to be ready - all in Gods timing!!

For those who have been asking, and have missed our adoption news here is a brief catchup on our journey to Cole so far. I know I have been slack in the blogging department over recent months, but life has been exceptionally busy, so not only has there not been time for laundry, there has also not been time for blogging - more of that in another post, and also an important Lily update coming tomorrow.

So back to Cole

It has now been almost a year (February) since Chris and I sat down in PF Chang's and seriously talked about adopting again.  It was something that had been tugging on our hearts for several months - we knew God was calling us to step out in Him again and grow our family through adoption. 
Of coarse we discussed all the fears we had, the reasons we shouldn't - cost of adoption, adding more busy to our lives, Lily's medical needs - this is not something to enter into lightly and we don't.  Although all those things were valid reasons to not do it, we still knew this was what we wanted to do, desired to do, were supposed to do - our family was not complete.  As soon as we made the decision to say "Yes" - sitting there at PF Chang's, Chris opened up his fortune cookie - we could not believe what it said

"do not be afraid to take the next step"

This statement has been a source of strength over the last year as we have navigated the ups and downs of the adoption roller coaster ride.

Within a few weeks we fell in love with a little boy in China, the journey began, and the paper chase began - background checks, physicals, fingerprinting, references, social work visits.

Then in August things came to a crashing halt - the little boy we had hoped to adopt, was no longer available for us to adopt.  We were sad, we had been looking at his picture for 6 months, praying for him every night. It is complicated so I won't even try to explain, but he has been adopted and has a family - which for us is the most important thing.  If he was not to be ours, at least we know he is being loved.

We decided to take a step back, and give ourselves some time to regroup.

Then in October we saw Shan Ji Lin "Cole" - and immediately felt a connection. We spent the next few weeks finding out more about him, asking for updates from China, and to our amazement we even got video clips of him - once again our hearts were falling in love.  Sometimes it amazes me at the capacity we have to love a complete stranger, who we have only seen in a picture, or video!!

In November we said Yes to adopting Cole.

He is being named Coleman - for Chris's great grandfather, Walter - for my grandfather.  He is 4 and will be 5 by the time he comes home.

I so wish I could show you a picture - he is a cutie - we are all so excited.

We appreciate all of your love and support of our family and this journey, keep checking back for updates, and fundraising opportunities if you would like to help bring our little man home.