Sunday, March 14, 2010


Here it is, ALL our paperwork - it doesn't look like much here, but a lot of sweat and tears went into collecting it :).

Everything left for China on Friday via fedex, I just tracked it and it is somewhere over the pacific ocean. It should arrive in China tomorrow :).

Friday, March 12, 2010


I have just one word to say

DTC (dossier to China)

Yahoooo, our paperwork finally went to China today :) !!!!!!!!!

What a relief to have that done. Now we wait for our RA (referral acceptance), it will take 2-4 months, we are praying for closer to 2 months. Then we wait for our TA (travel approval).

So now what - now we get ourselves ready, for Lily. I have a whole house that needs to be sorted one room at a time. Benjamin is going to move into his own bedroom, and we need to turn Mia's room into Mia and Lily's room.

We also have some funds to raise, so we are planning a big yard sale for May.

I can't wait to have my baby girl in my arms :).