Saturday, August 3, 2013

China Trip to Cole (3)

Today was the medical exam!!
Cole had a rough time with this.  Because he is naturally very shy around new people, he had a hard time with each part of the exam.
He refused to stand up tall for his height, and refused to look and name the pictures for his vision test.
Oh well, he passed anyway.
They did draw blood for a TB test, we will get the results next week.  They don't let you go in the room, so we could just hear him crying - not fun.
Once again bubbles came to the rescue
The afternoon was spent with some pool time for the kids, while I went to the "paperwork party" with the other families.  This is where we complete all the paper work for our US consulate appointment next Wednesday.  This is the last official thing we do, before leaving Thursday for Hong Kong, and Friday for HOME!!
This paper work insures Cole becomes a US citizen when he goes through immigration in New Jersey.
I think the stress of the morning, wore him out, this is the first time he has fallen asleep before bed time.

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amymay said...

We're so glad your journey is going well and we're praying for your safe return, and Cole's continued adjustment to his new life. Congratulations on you newest family member!!