Friday, August 2, 2013

China Trip to Cole (2)

Sorry for the lack of blog posts, but we continue to have on and off issues with internet access.
Since Cole has been with us we have spent most days going to some sort of official appointment, exploring the parks and area around our hotel and trying the local food,

(boat ride on the lake in the park)
but most of all we have been getting to know the newest member of our family.
The more relaxed he is getting with us the more his personality is coming out. 
What we know so far - he is very ticklish and has a great laugh and smile.
We have found that he is very considerate and helpful - wants to open doors, do things for himself, and share an umbrella with his sister.
This actually was a big step.  The day before we had been caught out at the park in the rain, we had finally purchased an umbrella the day before after getting rained on several times!!  When we got the umbrella out Cole wanted to hold it and refused to let Mia stand under it.  When we went to the bus and had to put the umbrella down, we had to pry it out of his hands.  He was upset with us, and refused to look at us. This lasted for some time, even once we were back in the hotel.  After a while he was distracted with other things and his happy personality was back.  Today we bought him his own umbrella, and as soon as it started raining he opened it up and immediately went over to Mia and put it over her head :)!! 
We can tell he is testing us, and pushing boundaries.  It is hard at times, to know when to just let him have his way and when to stand our ground.  It is especially hard when you can't explain things.  He knows what no is and doesn't like to hear it, but what 5 years old does.  He wants everything Mia has so we are having to balance that too, Mia is doing great at sharing and trying to show him how to do things.  Everything is SO new for him, his world has been turned upside down.  We know he probably thinks all the time that this is all going to end, he does not have any way to know that we are here forever.
He has been wearing Mia's purple sunglasses because we couldn't find any for him, until yesterday.  He was so proud to have his own glasses, anything he gets he holds on to.  I know this comes from being in an orphanage where everything you own you share with everyone else, including your clothes.  Oh that reminds me, something else we know, is he loves his clothes, he picks them out every morning.
He has a great appetite and will try almost anything.  The first day he wanted nothing to do with the bath and was scared of the pool.  Well 3 days later he is loving the bath and can't get enough of the pool.  We no longer have to hold him in the pool.
He also has attempted several rides at the park, even though he was scared at first, he insisted on going on
what we know is he is BRAVE.  Brave because he will do things even though he is scared. 
Brave because he is willing to allow us to show him love, and to start to trust us.
There are 2 amazing parks near our hotel, with lakes, boats, fish, rides, music, people dancing, statues, exercise equipment, table tennis, and much more.  They are a great place to spend time and get to know a very busy and active five year old boy.
(someone else who is brave)
(exercise equipment)
Although there is a part of us that is very ready to go home.  We have Cole, and we miss Benjamin, Ethan, and Lily like crazy.  We want to be together as a family, but we know this time is precious bonding time with Cole.  If we were home, we would be busy with life.  So we are focusing on him and enjoying every moment.
We appreciate all your comments, it makes us feel close to you all.  We also appreciate your continued prayers for Coles adjustment.  We know as we travel home, he will have to face a lot more changes, especially with Lily's up coming surgery.
Tomorrow we have Coles medical exam.  We will also be joined by 4 other families with our adoption agency that have adopted from other provinces.
Ok so right now Cole is trying to play on the iPad, but can't work it out, but refuses help - he is STUBBORN :)!!

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Adeye said...

He is just beyond precious, Rach. SO thankful things are going well. Trusting that his transition continues to be a smooth, easy one. Loving you from afar, my friend.