Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School 2013

Benjamin is starting high school

Ethan is in 7th grade

Mia is in second grade

Cole is starting Kindergarten

It was a big decision to decide to send Cole to school this year. We were originally not going to, but he is doing so well, was in Kindergarten in China last year, wants to do whatever Mia does and is used to the structure. Also with me leaving with Lily for surgery on Thursday, we felt it may be the best thing. We are honestly not certain, but decided to try, if it is not the right decision we will take him out.  He was very excited this morning though.  Holding my breath today, and just managing to keep my emotions under control, can not wait until 4pm!! Praying for Him today and all my babies.

Lily would have started Kindergarten today, but we are waiting until after her heart surgery!

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